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Mag Flooring boasts a wide array of services within the wooden floor restoration sector. From new floors to restoration, repairs to maintenance, we can offer a tailor made solution to fit your needs

We are happy to apply our services across the following areas, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Hinkley, Market Harborough, Oakham, Newarke, West Bridgeford, Beeston, Loughborough, Arnold, Mansfield, Ollerton Swadlincote, Belper, Long Eaton, Ripley.

Time honoured

Floor Sanding

We pride ourselves in our time honored floor sanding and finishing techniques, developed over years through attention to detail and knowledge of tradition. Sanding and finishing a floor is an art form, taking many years of experience to master and produce professional results.

Unlike any other type of flooring surface, most wooden floors can be restored to their former glory, giving a result to rival even new floors. The sanding operation can remove most stains, scratches and also level an uneven floor surface, leaving the floor ready for it’s finishing process.

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Dust Free Sanding

If you were worried that sanding your wooden floor would involve hours of cleaning up afterwards, then worry no more. While Companies may claim that their Sanding Machines are dust free, in reality they are not. No belt Sanding Machine currently in the market place today is totally Dust Free, but when connected to the Dust Care System our equipment gets as near to this statement as possible.

The Bona Dust Care System captures the dust generated on the spot. This means your bar area, electronics, curtains, and furniture, do not need to be covered before sanding or cleaned afterwards. In fact, the Bona dust-free sanding unit delivers air quality better and cleaner than the ambient air found in most homes.

A specialist service

Gap Filling

Offering a specialist service to reduce drafts, prevent dust and dirt falling between boards and for general aesthetic purposes, we can help fill most gaps ensuring a good match to your existing floor. Using our own specialist method for gap filling we can help to ensure a longer lasting result.

Conventional methods of gap filling floor boards, is to use a resin mixed with the dust that comes off the floor when sanding with discs of 80 grit or finer sanding material. This is the least costly method, but also the least effective on larger gaps since it can easily crack and fall out over time.

Using our own method for filling larger gaps of approx 4mm and above, we fill the gaps with wood slivers. This is carried out by using strips of wood, cut to a tapered shape then glued and hammered into the gaps before being planed off and sanded smooth. In our experience, this is the best method for filling larger gaps, creating a permanent feature lasting the life of the floor and helping to stand the test of time.

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Why not take advantage of our extensive experience, in stain colour selection. We can offer help and advice on matching stains to existing floors, as well as offer complete colour changes that compliment your floor and your buildings character.

Using only the best quality commercial grade stains, specifically formulated for wooden floors and available only to hardwood floor professionals, we can ensure a quality long lasting result. By matching the right type and consistency of stain with your floor we can help to achieve a finish of quality and long lasting beauty.

With a variety of stains and colours to compliment any floor, we have a choice for everyone. To ensure the perfect colour match, upon completion of sanding and preparation, an array of stains can be applied to test areas on your floor. Once applied and cured, the test areas will be checked for grade and colour to create the perfect match. Upon selection of the correct stain to be applied, all test areas are re-sanded and prepared for the staining process to be begin.

Second to none


In addition to the restoration of flooring, we can also offer a repair service second to none. Covering a wide degree of flooring issues, we can use our expertise to repair most problems. From replacement of damaged floorboards and parque wooden blocks, to repair of areas affected by old fire hearths, we can help find a solution that fits best.

All repair work is carried out by experienced professionals using traditional methods, sourcing new replacement boards and blocks or reclaiming boards and blocks in order to create the perfect match to your existing floor. By using new or reclaimed materials, we can ensure a repair that reinstates your floor to it’s former glory, giving an almost invisible repair.

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Your wood floor


Whether you have had a new floor, restoration work carried out or repair and re-finishing, we will offer appropriate advice and products on maintaining your wooden floors. In addition to everyday advice on care and up-keep we can also offer a tailor made maintenance solution at regular intervals ensuring your floor gets the professional dedication it deserves.