A carefully selected range of


Using a carefully selected range of finishes, we can help advise on the suitability of different finishes for specific projects. Based on our clients brief and using our understanding and experience, we can help select a finish that provides the best aesthetic solution, whilst maintaining a practical and maintainable finish. Whether you require a new finish for your restaurant or shop floor, or a solution more tailored to domestics needs, we can select the solution most suitable for your project.

In addition to domestic and commercial dwellings, we can also offer experienced, traditional, re-finishing methods for existing antique floors. Using carefully selected materials and methods, we can help keep your antique floor in fine condition whilst enhancing and maintaining the patina created by many years of use.

Typical & timeless

Oils & Lacquers

Once a floor has been sanded to a smooth finish, the floor must be sealed to give a robust finish and prevent traffic from damaging the floor. There are two ways to do this, with lacquer or oil. Both lacquer and oil have their advantages and disadvantages, so picking the right solution takes experience. The major difference between lacquer and oil is that lacquer forms a tough seal over the wooden floors, whereas the oil penetrates the pores of the grain and needs re-application.

Floors with heavy traffic will need to be re-oiled 2-3 times a year, whereas in domestic homes every second year should suffice. If you choose to lacquer the wooden floor, the advantage is that this should not have to be re-applied. As a general rule, there is little gain in oiling soft woods (such as pine boards), leaving it better suited to hardwood floors.

Whole rang of

Bona Products

Using a wide range of materials dependent on customer preference, architect or surveyor specification, we can offer a whole range of products. Our recommendation is to normally opt for a low odour water based lacquer for medium to heavily used floors, and a shellac and wax finish for very old or lightly used floors, using either Bonakemi floor lacquers (matt/satin/gloss) or Osmo oil and waxes.

Bona, with over 70 years of making flooring products are proven leaders in the field off floor care, with products that are second to none. Bonakemi lacquer is water based and as such has no odour, boasting a quick drying time and superior finish. After extensive time using Bona products in a vast array of commercial areas we are happy to endorse their products through supurb customer feedback on quality and longevity of their floor.

Wood wax and hard wax oils


Osmo wood wax and hard wax oils are produced using carefully selected natural raw materials. They are micro porous and perfectly tailored to the wood’s natural properties. Once Osmo interior finish has been applied, the wood will retain its natural appearance and feel. Due to it’s properties, your floors surface will become hard-wearing, non-abrasive, water-repellent, dirt-resistant and will be protected against everyday accidents such as water, wine, beer and fizzy drinks. Should any small damages occur, surfaces can easily be touched up, with no resulting visible brush marks.