Gap filling

Offering this specialist service to reduce drafts, prevent dust and dirt falling between boards and for general aesthetic purposes, we can help fill most gaps ensuring a good match to your existing floor. Using our own specialist method for gap filling we can help to ensure a longer lasting result.

Conventional methods of gap filling floor boards, is to use a resin mixed with the dust that comes off the floor when sanding with discs of 80 grit or finer sanding material. This is the least costly method, but also the least effective on larger gaps since it can easily crack and fall out over time.

Using our own method for filling larger gaps of approx 4mm and above, we fill the gaps with wood slivers. This is carried out by using strips of wood, cut to a tapered shape then glued and hammered into the gaps before being planed off and sanded smooth. In our experience, this is the best method for filling larger gaps, creating a permanent feature lasting the life of the floor and helping to stand the test of time.

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